A Brave Girl

Ahed Tamimi, the 17 year old Palestinian activist who has caught the hearts and minds of the world, began her activism king before the “slap”; which has resulted in Ahed plea bargain of 8 months in an Israeli jail, heard around the world.  In fact, the story begins with Nabi Saleh,  a small Palestinian village, population of approximately 600 people, many of whom have held land in the regions as far back as the 1500s, many of whom are named Tamimi.

Protests began in 2009 when a plot of land containing citrus trees and beehives were set on fire by settlers in what is referred to as a “price tag attack”; one which describes an attack motivated by revenge.   In addition to committing arson, a serious criminal act,, the settlers, as well as the IDF began bathing in the  3 pools renaming the spring feeding them, “Meir’s Spring”; forcibly expropriating  a Palestinian  source of precious water to the settlers, illegally occupying Palestinian land by  the settlement off Halamish.

Along with illegal land grabs of private Palestinian land, o accommodate the  growth of Halamish, protests grew into a  weekly event, every Friday until l 2016 when the demonstrations were suspended due to the injury of 350  in a clash with the IDF.

This strong, brave girl in her fearless quest for justice and demand for basic, fundamental human rights has made the world take note and realize how violent this brutal, belligerent occupation has been.